Monday, 4 July 2016


Forty seven Graduates from 13 African countries were conferred their degrees of Masters at the AIMS Tanzania in Bagamoyo after undergoing training of nearly one year. AIMS is conducting its academic scheme in five African countries and intends to expand to other countries to reach 20 by 2023. The latest figures of African Scientists who graduated through AIMS is 1212, described as "agents of change to transform Africa."

Sunday, 3 July 2016



Bagamoyo: Forty seven young scientists graduated with their Masters Degree at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) at the historical town of Bagamoyo. Thirteen of them are women and all the Graduates are from 13 African countries with Tanzania having a majority graduates of 17 scientists.

The colourful graduation ceremony on Saturday morning was held on the terrace of Alfa Zulu complex overlooking the Indian Ocean a few meters away. One wing of the huge complex is given on lease to AIMS where students are sponsored by AIMS for their entire studies and other expenses. The colourful ceremony was attended by the former Minister of Education & Vocational Training and current Members of Parliament for Bagamoyo, Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa as Chief Guest and Chief Academic & Research Officer of AIMS NEI, Prof. Barry Green.

Apart from Tanzania, the other twelve African countries which benefited from the academic scheme were Rwanda. Mozambique, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Burundi, Ghana, D.R. Congo, Zimbabwe and Sudan. Dressed in their graduation attire, the scientists danced and sang in one voice “….we are one family…together we stand….we are students of AIMS Tanzania leading the trsnformation of Africa….” As a sign of gratitude they presented their appreciation large-size colourful cards to staff members of the institute.

Chief Guest Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa who was instrumental during the formation of the institute in Tanzania (fifth in Africa and next Rwanda) assured the management of Tanzania’s cooperation in furthering the interest of the institute. The historical German Boma which has undergone major renovation works (yet to complete) was earmarked to accommodate  the AIMS.

Prof. Barry Green who conferred the Masters’ Degrees advised the students to be significant in their field as scientists and “don’t stop asking questions” in their quest for scientific developments.

The Rector of the AIMS, Prof. Mark Roberts narrated the achievement of AIMS in Africa, major one being Scientists numbering 1212 from 42 African countries had graduated through the scheme. By 2023, twenty AIMS Centres will have been established on the Continent of Africa. Next in line is Rwanda and Morroco.

The MC of the function was Deputy Rector, Dr. Mahera Charles who conducted the entire ceremony up to the required standard. In his welcome speech he mentioned the graduates as “agents of change to transform Africa”

Story & Pictures by Abdul Hai
Bagamoyo News.

The Rector of AIMS Tanzania, Prof. Mark Roberts speaking about the huge achievements of AIMS in Tanzania and Africa as a whole at the graduation ceremony at Bagamoyo.

Chief Academic Officer Prof. Barry Green conferring the Masters' Degree on a young Tanzanian Scientist Janeth Mroki at the graduation ceremony.

Chief Guest at the graduation ceremony, former Minister for National Education & Vocational Training Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa and currently MP for Bagamoyo Constituency speaking at the ceremony. Dr. Kawambwa was instrumental in the formation of AIMS Tanzania since in its embryonic stages in 2013.

Prof. Barry Green talking to fresh graduates at Alfa Zulu complex where AIMS is accomodated.

A young scientist from Zanzibar Najat Zahor Said being conferred her Masters' Degree through the hands of Prof. Barry Green. She also spoke on behalf of the graduates saying "we carry the power and we all need to be committed to change Africa."

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Dar es Salaam: Islamic Help which is a registered and international NGO held a Ramadhan fellowship party and followed by fund raising for the needy people in Tanzania.

The function was held at the Hayatt Kilimanjaro Hotel where hundreds of Muslims from various organizations and societies attended the event. The attendees also included children from orphanage centres which is organized and administered by the Islamic Help ngo. 

Islamic Help is a registered charity and international NGO etablished in 2003 in the UK  by a group of young people determined to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and suffering. The Islamic Help in Tanzania has been working in the seven poorest capital districts, targeting the most deprived in rural areas.

A documentary on the various charitable works in Tanzania was shown to the public. A stage presentation of performance (reciting Islamic qasida) by girls from Children's Eco Village in Mkuranga District about 35 kms from Dar es Salaam. Some of the major achievements of Islamic Help include establishment of 114 water-wells/bore holes installed for a total number of 56,780 people; 100 eco friendly mosques (28 fully completed) with solar panels, bore-wells, toiletes, and other facilities.

About 514 orphans and widows families being provided food every month.  The volunteers of Islamic Help have planted more than 50,000 seedlings of trees to improve the environments in villages. Apart from these projects, more than 5,000 students have been supported through improved school facilities. Modern school education up to Cambridge syllabus is being provided at Cordoba School in Dar es Salaam.

The lively evening included an Iftar Party (break fast after day long fasting), evening prayers in the conference room and a speech by the Imam of Maamur Mosque, Sheikh Issa. One of the main high ranking officer Kamraan Fadhil spoke about the many projects accomplished by Islamic Help in Tanzania and other African countries.

Story & Pics by Abdul Hai

Sheikh Issa of Masjid Mamur speaking about the benefits of fasting at the function held by Islamic Help at hotel Hayatt, Dar es Salaam.

Some of the participants at the function at hotel Hayatt.

A young Muadhin, Hashim from Sunni Muslim Jamaat Madressa reciting the call for prayers.

Young students from the Eco Village at Mkuranga, being managed by Islamic Help, drew attention of the people by reciting a qasida about the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Saturday, 11 June 2016




A doctor from the United States (USA) recommended people going for routine health check-up should also be screened for Tuberculosis. This recommendation also comes from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The young female doctor, Chandler Church MD,MSc, whose father is also a medical doctor connected with Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) presented her views on the subject “TB incidence and prevalence in Africa” at the Bagamoyo Branch of IHI. Present at the meeting were doctors, research Scientists, Health Workers and members of the Community Advisory Board connected with new TB Drug Trials at IHI.

During her discourse, she observed that TB incidence in Tanzania was 327 people in 100,000 with 37% of cases in HIV/AIDS plus individuals. Hence general check-up of TB incidence was advisable for people who go for routine medical check-up.

She pointed out that 13 vaccines and new drugs were in clinical trials. Such new treatments hope to cut down the lengthy period of  current drugs and would be more effective. The drugs used currently take nine to 12 months to get results. The drugs and treatment are available free of charge.

She also remarked that the current TB drugs which have been in use since the last fifty years does not appear to be a major factor of  resistance of TB in Tanzania and Africa as a whole.

Story & Pics by Abdul Hai
A look-for-yourself tour of the District Bagamoyo Hospital where the Bagamoyo Branch of the Ifakara Health Institute was built ten year ago. In the middle is Dr. Chandler Church and at extreme right standing is Dr. Church. On left in blue shirt is Dr. Omari Juma with others.

Dr. Chandler Church talking about "TB incidence and prevalence in Africa in the conference room of Bagamoyo Ifakara Health Institute. Doctors, Scientists, Health Workers and Members of Community Advisory Board attended the meeting.


Dar es Salaam:


A world-famous Islamic Orator from the United States of America (USA), tall and hefty Imam Qasim ibn Ali Khan reminded  Muslims at the 8th Welcome Ramadhan Conference in Dar es Salaam that the Holy Month was not a seasonal feasting time but to intensify prayers and re-kindle the Islamic values of life.

Addressing a gathering of just over one thousand Muslims (Ladies and Gents) at the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre, he said Ramadhan (the fasting month and one of the five pillars of Islam) was not about eating but fating for Allah. 

“Stay away from  extravagant feasts, back-biting, slandering, gossiping. The ear is more dangerous than the tongue,” he told the Muslims as they  prepared  for the Holy Month of  Ramadhan.

He advised the Muslims thus: “When you read the Quraan, Allah is talking to you, read as much as you can, every day.”

The Chief Guest at the occasion was immediate Past Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, a nuclear scientist by academic qualification, who spoke in intermittent three international languages, Kiswahili, Arabic and English. He quoted verses from the Quraan to narrate the values of fasting. “You should always do good to others and at the same time advise others against bad habits,” Dr. Bilal said.

The conference was also enlightened about the ethical principles of administration of Amana Bank, in accordance with the Islamic Values of financial transactions, by the Managing Director Dr. Muhsin Salim Masoud. Amana Bank was one of the main Sponsors of the Ramadhan Conference. 

Additional information: Imam Qasim ibn Ali Khan, speaking to Sunni Muslim Jamaat members at Golden Tulip Hotel disclosed that he was the personal Body Guard of Late Mohammed Ali, the internationally acclaimed boxing Champ during the mid 1980s. The Late Mohammed Ali, a boxing legend was buried at Louisville, the largest city of about 600,000 people in the southern state of Kentucky. The Imam paid tribute to this great legend after a member of the audience asked him to say something about the Champ who had a remarkable boxing career and a civil rights activist.

Story and Pics by Abdul Hai

Imam ibn Ali Khan, a Muslim Orator from USA speaks to Muslims at the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre. The Chief Guest at the Ramadhan Conference was Immediate Past Vice President of Tanzania, Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, a nuclear scientist by academic qualifications.

The Immediate Past Vice President of Tanzania, Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal (2nd left) presenting a memento to the Main Speaker Imam Qasim.

People listening to Speakers during the two-day conference which was the 8th Welcoming Ramadhan Conference 1437 at the JNICC in Dar es Salaam.




A man in his teens attempted to steal a mobile telephone at a shop in Bagamoyo but his plans failed and instead received a good beating by an angry crowd.

The young man, whose name or identity was not immediately known, visited the mobile phone shop and asked the shopkeeper to show him the mobile phone which wanted to buy. The phone was at the far end of the shop. And as the shopkeeper turned his back to fetch it, the young man fished out another phone from the front counter.

Unfortunate for the alleged thief and fortunate for the shopkeeper, a potential customer who was approaching the shop saw something “fishy” with the abrupt movement of the person. With a lightening speed he caught the hand of the alleged thief and alerted the shopkeeper by screaming “mwizi, mwizi” meaning “thief, thief”.

Within no time, a crowd of not less than one hundred people gathered, most of them visibly young people of almost the same age as the alleged thief. The angry crowd started showering blow after blow and some even landed forceful slaps on his cheeks. As the “people’s justice” continued for some minutes, a Militia man in plain clothes sprang into action and protected the young man, already terrified with the punishment. The Militia man succeeded in calming the onslaught actions of the angry crowd and instead whisked him away to the nearest police station.

The shopkeeper later stated that he declined to open the file of complain as there was no need to do so. He had already recovered his phone and the beatings was enough to teach him (the alleged thief) a good lesson!

Petty thefts involving bicycles, motor cycles, telephones and  ladies hand bags are rampant particularly in large towns and cities. A couple of weeks ago, a thief attempting to steal a motor cycle was caught red-handed and an angry crowd beat him to death. This incident took place just at the gate of the main Bagamoyo Bus Stand in the day time.

Story and Pics by Abdul Hai

An angry crowd surrounds the alleged thief who attempted to steal a mobile telephone from a shop near the busy market area.

The number of people started increasing as soon as they got news that a thief was caught attempting to steal a mobile phone from a shop close to the main market of Bagamoyo.